Sorrce across the world.

Dave Whyte

One of the most exciting things about Sorrce is people from all walks of life using the app. Recently I took some time to look at the exact demographics of the app and was astounded to see that it’s being used all over the world.

There’s been pretty minimal marketing thus far for Sorrce. Other than getting to the front page of Product Hunt, most of the user growth has been relatively organic. One of the interesting aspects of the app is that it isn’t inherently social, meaning the app has the same value if it…

Popular content when it’s completely anonymous

Stéphane Reverdy

One of the more fun things I get to see while working on Sorrce is the kinds of content users respond strongly to. Now mind you, I do not get to see WHO clicked on WHAT, just what was upvoted. And currently that is anonymous to me as well. I made it like that on purpose.

But because the upvote tallies are not public, I’m the only one who gets to see them. I always have speculations about what will be the most popular & sometimes the results are not too far off from…

Adding Recommendations on Github

Github is a staple of any good development process. You don’t need to tell many developers that. As time has gone on Github has added a myriad of awesome features. Things such as trending repositories, starring, and even an explore section. The explore part is interesting. It has become (what feels like) an unintended side effect of Github. But can’t we enhance it?

Recommendations & Similarity

When I’m working on a new piece of technology, often times my search process goes something like this:

  • Google “Swift slide out menu” [or any other query]
  • Go to the first Github project that looks interesting
  • Return…

Creating an emailing list that users love.

I get asked with frequency to send people interesting things I’ve found around the web. So a while back I decided to make an email list for it.

It ended up generating a highly engaged user base. The list boils down to essentially Reddit highlights. It’s not anything as niche or interesting as how Ryan started Product Hunt. This was far more random. So I called it “Things Of The Internet”

The Page

I couldn't in all good consciousness make this list without making a sweet landing page for it. …

Jackie Saik

I hate aging.

Turning another year older is something that I tend to dread. Yes, it’s nice to still be vertical and breathing, but my view on aging has always been one of battling time, not flowing with it. Every year gone this is a tough pill to swallow.

But I’ve had a brilliant life. One that’s been full of color, joy, and ever expanding horizons. And I want to keep it that way. Here are 5 notes on those first 25 years.

1. The world & universe are interesting places

Far too often we get trapped in our own diminutive world, myself included. The universe is a…

Being ‘young’ in Silicon Valley

Clay Rodery

At 24 I would be considered quite youthful, inexperienced, and even entry-level in nearly all white collar professional realms. But this is not most professional realms, this is the acclaimed Silicon Valley. Here we are supposed to have sold our first $100+ million dollar company by now. We live in a bubble dictated by success theater and when we’re not blowing up with the hottest app, we’re supposed to fade into the background.

So what happens when we entrepreneurs are grinding & struggling? What happens when we’re painfully trying to find our breakthrough? That’s the…

How customization leads to enjoyment

We constantly hear complaints these days about what we see on our Facebook feeds. People still have their accounts but clearly there is an exodus of use from Facebook, especially amount the young demographic. But instead of bemoaning the content which graces our feed, why not just change it?

I, too struggled from this same issue. I love the people in my feed, but as my interests changed, so did the things I wanted to see. So I made it my mission to make my own Facebook feed engaging again. This is how I did it:

Use the special URL

One big knock on…

Never go a day without them.

There’s no such thing as being too efficient. Here are some awesome items I recommend to use throughout your day.


Be less busy

Slack is the best communication tool I’ve come across. One of the few pieces of software out there that I truly love. What makes slack unique is how seamlessly it integrates into your work environment. For being a relatively large application, it is extremely easy to get going with their wonderful on boarding process.

Not a morning goes by where I wake up and don’t check/use Slack. It is the primary…

Product-first focus

As a fun project I decided to redesign Microsoft’s online presence. Why? Well for one they tend to be treated like second-class citizens in the design market. Everyone is always trying to redesign Dribbble or Netflix. How about Microsoft this time?

I drew a ton of inspiration from Amber Creative’s wonderful redesign of the Apple store and of Gilles Bertaux’s Redesign of IMDB.

One of the points I must make is that this is a functioning website/product. All of the features shown are implemented in the live design. You can view it here:

Microsoft Redesign Live

Let’s Make It Fun

One observation I’d had…

M.C. Escher, Portal, and Fez all wrapped into one

Warning: This may contain spoilers

When I first saw Monument Valley’s website I was hooked. That art style could sell itself without a game at all. A strange mixture between low-poly, 8-bit and N64 style maps made it an irresistible canvas of beauty. Before even opening the game for the first time, my mind was racing to know the different nuances of the game. I could already hear the whimsical notes that would be playing in the background of such serene landscapes, accompanied by traditional achievement-based power up noises we all know from classic gaming. Who was the main character…

Collin Hartigan

Giving life to the visions in my head. Business Builder/Technology Stuff

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