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5 for 25

I hate aging.

Turning another year older is something that I tend to dread. Yes, it’s nice to still be vertical and breathing, but my view on aging has always been one of battling time, not flowing with it. Every year gone this is a tough pill to swallow.

But I’ve had a brilliant life. One that’s been full of color, joy, and ever expanding horizons. And I want to keep it that way. Here are 5 notes on those first 25 years.

1. The world & universe are interesting places

Far too often we get trapped in our own diminutive world, myself included. The universe is a place of deep history and interesting events. Take some time to look at the world and think about big problems, interesting tid-bits, and things beyond the small scope of your life.

“Time on Earth is slowing down. Due to tidal friction from the moon, the solar day is lengthening by about 2 milliseconds each century as the Earth’s rotation slows. In about 200 million years, a day will be 25 hours long.”

See isn’t that cool!


2. Being a child is perpetual

One of the great mysteries of my life is seeing the progression of people to adulthood. Maybe it is that I’ve always had an vibrant imagination, but the fact you truly desire to paint your colorous wonder of childhood over with the dull grey of adulthood is beyond my comprehension. Yes often life thrusts us into those situations, but far too often I see people willing to accept this fate as a twisted right of passage.

Screw that, keep dreaming.


3. Reading and listening are invaluable

I remember reading a story abut Jim Buss, the famed Los Angeles Lakers owner. He would sit in all the owners meetings in the far corner, scanning the room and get a feel for each owner. Then he would listen to the 29 other owners boast and puff their chests out as they all tried to jockey for different things from the league and other owners. And when the meetings were over Dr. Buss would leave without having said a word the entire time but with a full mind of knowledge about each organization and it’s owner’s desires. No one paid him any mind, he just read their body language and listened intently.

Then he would use that knowledge to his own benefit. He knew the others teams strengths, weaknesses and desires. And they knew none of his.

Then he would go win the championship.

Be that guy, not the 29 others.

4. I have the worlds greatest support system

This is my greatest asset.

I am profoundly lucky to have people around me who have made me into the person I am today and the person I will be going forward. Finding the right people to surround yourself with is nearly of equal gravity to self-cultivation.

I am thankful for you all.


5. I am lucky

Speaking of lucky…

I tell people I won the lottery. And it’s true, I did. I have been bestowed with some of the greatest circumstances anyone living human could as for.

  • I have the worlds greatest family (paramount importance)
  • I have the worlds greatest friends
  • I have health
  • I have drive

What more could anyone ask for?


Thank you all.

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