String Cheese

The other day I was walking onto Sac State to meet up with an athlete when it was brought to my attention that the person I was walking next to was eating string cheese. They were either in a hurry or had failed to be taught the proper way to eat string cheese because rather than string the cheese, they were taking huge bites out of the stick. If they only knew that if they strung the cheese, the taste would be SO much better and the deliciousness of the string cheese would be fully realized. I am not one to have a plethora of pet peeves, but I seemed to have discovered one last week.

I say this because I think this is a parallel for why I talk to people about Jesus. I believe that Jesus calls us to full life. Life at its absolute fullest state. A life that I think is best lived in relationship with Him. When I step outside my door each morning I know that I am entering into a world that is not experiencing life at its full. I don’t tell others about who Jesus is just because I think it is right, but because I think it is better. Better than any other way that life is being lived.

Life is a crazy thing that we all partake in. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s downright awful. These realities are true for both the one who follows Jesus and does not. Life and its troubles come to all. However, I believe that these moments are best lived with Jesus.

We all eat string cheese. Some bite off chunks and it’s good, but some string it, and it’s better.