Week One Take-aways

It has been a long journey since application to interview to Bootcamp and final now in.My week one at Andela started on Monday , 5th December . The week started with an intense induction process.Through this, I was able to know much about Andela and the Fellowship in general.On Tuesday it is when we came to know our fate about the stack to be used in doing checkpoints and simulations.Let me not bother you for now what checkpoints and simulations are.That is a story of another day.

It came to our shock that we are no longer using the language we’ve been struggling to know since our Bootcamp , Python. Our stack will be Javascript.I felt like confused and stressed up. This is because I am green in Python.Making it worse we are going to use frameworks such as Angular JS , Node.js and so on. But I reflected on something which made me cool and said to myself , “All is well…” . What was this reflection? Let me share it with you.During Bootcamp project , I was given a task to use Flask framework .I had not even heard of such a name in development.But what could I do?Refuse the task and walk away?Definitely no!This is because I really wanted to join Andela.
So I had to learn the hard way to make sure my project is done.Of course, that is why I am in Andela.This taught me one important thing , ability to adapt.I learnt that to be a good or rather a world class software developer one need to adapt to changing environment including development stack which for sure really change. This thereafter reduced my pressure and I became ready to tackle the JS stack.I have come to realize that Andela wants us to be able to adopt any new stack .This is because of change in clientele needs.

My expectations are to hack Javascript , know how to use Javascript frameworks,finish checkpoints in time,collaborate successfully with my team to finish simulations and to improve my soft skills.

To meet my expectations , I need to first learn Javascript and practice it as I will doing checkpoints. I also need to learn the various frameworks recommended in the curriculum.I will follow the curriculum in learning and also do internet research for more resources.

I will update you much as I continue my experience in Andela.


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