Financial education education being taught in schools is “go to school, get good grades, get a job, work hard, save Money, buy a house, and get out of debt. Schools are about job security rather than financial freedom, which is why most employees live in fear of losing their job. Many parents continue to say to their kids, go to school to get a good, highly paying job. Few parents or teachers are saying, go to school to learn to create good, high-paying Jobs.

Most “A” Students work for “C” students in life and “B” students work for the Government. Why? Because most “A” students, graduate from our finest schools, become managerial capitalists-employees rather than true capitalist. (Employer) . they only know that 2+2=4 but doesn’t know how to turn $2+$2 into $4. This is why “A” students works for “C” students.

The “A” students may have been smart in school, but they do not have the guts to start, own, and run their own business. They went to school to become specialist, only knowing the law or accounting or sales and marketing. They know how to work for salary, but don’t know how to build a business and make money. They have brains, but lack guts. They are terrified of risk. If you don’t pay them, they don’t work. If they do extra work, they want overtime or time off. They work for the vision of another company, but fail to recognized their vision. They meet the company targets, but don’t meet their own target. They simply look for a new job. That’s the primary difference between “A” students and “C” Students.

Financial freedom is freedom to be who you really want to be and do what you really want in life, it is much more than just making money or earning a six or seven figure monthly salary. I bet a lot of people make a good salary but live a miserable life doing a job they hate, having to work with a boss that makes them feel like trash, having no time for what is really important to them like their families and their God, are living in debts month in month out and are so afraid of their financial future. They may appear rich, go on vacations, drive nice cars, live in posh neighbour hoods, but they know they are far from financial freedom themselves.

But here is the point, there is nothing really wrong if you not financially free today but everything is wrong if you are doing nothing to work towards your financial freedom. It is a long journey and there must be a starting point but you must be deliberate in working towards it. It hurts me when I see people who just stay in the rat race and make no effort to work towards financial freedom.

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