We ought to see and hear of many miracles in our time because of the number of people who have believed the gospel all over the world. Sign and wonders marked the beginning of the church of Jesus Christ. 120 people speaking in a tongue not learnt or known before. Ever since, the church has not just being known for its peculiar message but also by the power by which her message is preached.

We have been wrongly taught that you need a special call from God or a special anointing to do the miraculous. I remember well the time men were needed to help in administering food in the early church, seven men were chosen. We find two of these men preaching the gospel of Jesus with signs and wonders trailing them. They were not men called out to take Sunday school class on Sunday or bible study during the week. They were ordinary men carrying out non-spiritual activities in church but still went out to undo the works of the devil.

Ordinary men all through history have been known to perform signs and wonders. You and I can also do the same. We can begin to hear testimonies of 'ordinary' Christians do mighty work for God right in their work place, yes in their work place. All through the bible, there are more accounts of miracles outside the walls of the 'church' than within. In our own dispensation, this should be the same.

There is only one actor in the church which is the pastor but outside the church we all are actors. We can replicate every kind of miracle we witness in church to our neighbours at home and colleagues at work. Our homes should be miracle centres as we seek to propagate the message of Jesus resurrection.

One thing is sure as we keep shinning the light of Jesus around us, we will be fulfilling the age long prophecy that will usher in the coming of our messiah.

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