Aliens are the real flying spaghetti monsters

The flying spaghetti monster is an anthropomorphogenic chimera

The flying spaghetti monster

The flying spaghetti monster is an anthropomorphogenic chimera. He sprouted full formed from the infinity of the human consciousness crisis. His goal is perfect human satisfaction and easing of doubt. The uneasiness of material existence is unbearable to Homo-Mundaneous without the everpresent accompanyment of a deathless answers. His struggle for eternal calm of the human mind is not achievable by mortals. Only a supernatural being can achieve his goals.

Aliens and proof

The search for Alien life is an exciting and fascinating discipline. The hope of the other, out there, can be wondered upon. The questions and answers, paradoxes and conundrums are intoxicating. To discover life beyond our planet would be the most important moment in the history of humanity at least. Certainly the hope held and the effection for E.T. has a fun and interesting and hopeful focus. If it is a down to earth scientific question that we need to ask, due to the practical nature of human interest into this question, we can follow the so called scientific method to some effect on this problem. No matter which direction we approach this elephant in the room, though we are blind folded, we are better off having correct information and intellectual tools rather than incorrect ones. We need proof in order to form a scientific viewpoint.

Why aliens are so beloved

The human condition is such that we are acutely aware of ourselves, and our place in the matrix of life. Other living things are animate. Some extend beyond vegetative. Some are mobile and some even express emotion, reason and perhaps, property and other conceptual awareness. The human being is categorically advanced and enormously extended into this sphere of intelligent consciousness compared to any and all living things that we know of, based on accumulated evidence. We are a successful lifeform. We have no claws or fur coat. We have the mind and it is unique in nature. We are alone.

The desire to avoid aloneness

Man is a social individual lifeform. There are many, but each is only a self. He may want to feel his brothers pain but he is incapable of controlling his brothers arm. They are seperate and can work, by each mind motivating each body, in unison. We are a netwerking social creature. We survived only because every man had conscious control over his own body and could exclude to some degree, as many other external controllers as possible. We are alone in ourselves but we are together in this existence and we are aware intuitively of the fact that other humans are around and thinking like us. We can reason out what another human might do because of understanding. We look into nature and have not found a lifeform that is in our position. We would be able to rest assured that the present scene on our planet run by men is not an apocalypse. But only if we could see into the future of ourselves. Into the wizards mirror. The alien must be conscious too. It is not a gas. If it is a vegetable it is one that could learn to play chess. If it is a bug it is one that can engage in philosophical debate. If it is a Mensa Octopus it brews it’s own intoxicants. The point of wondering about aliens is the implications of a lifeform that could travel interstellar distance seems like it must n be intelligent and technological. Also it would have to be rational and therefor moral. Like us we think. The other. We are not really alone.

Belief in the other and anthropomorphism

The other is most meaningful if he is like us. In order to maximize satisfaction from the point of view of the conscious lifeform looking out in wonder to the heavens He frames his imagination around a characterization. A humanoid replica. A mirror of the human mind. As far from a carbon copy as possible but without leaving the categorical nature of conscious individuality. The sun does not really smile. Children like to imagine it that way because they like the sun and are eased by the idea that the sun loves and accepts them. That it won’t seek to harm and kill them.

The likelyhood of discovery in Alienopolous

The universe is enormous. The Omniverse is infinite. The vastness of space is as likely to be so distant and difficult to overcome that we could seek for some time to no avail for other life. We could spend every resource available to us. End all war and production beyond survival and devote every energy and resource on the planet. We could spend every possible drachma towards the noble goal of discovering other life, and still we would have only searched a eincy weincy part of the universe. It is completely futile to spend any energy at all on seeking other life in the universe and if other life exists and is intelligent it must know this too. It is completely improbable in a material universe of the size we believe ours is, to discover alien life.

Why believe?

If we believe something it doesn’t mean we know it to be true. It doesn’t mean we have a reason even to believe. Just that we do believe or claim to and don’t concern ourselves with doubting that. I could believe because I’m scared not too. I could believe because it’s easier than other options. We can choose to believe. We can choose to because we like the idea of it. We could also believe because we have proof. Empirical or other.

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