Are We Living Wrong- Part Two/ Evidence

Just to add to the point of my last post, I had an idea that I felt could serve as evidence, but it was kind of off on another topic SOOO, I’m just going to write it out here. Also, if you didn’t read my last post yet go back and read that one first and then come here.

I was talking about how my father believes love should be. He looks at a world of Chinese people who as he describes them, lack self confidence and they don’t flirt. In my opinion they’re one step away from becoming Japanese Herbivore men and never finding love themselves. They marry at a very old age and, “They’re happy.” I’m going to give you my breakdown on how I see different cultures, their flirting life and how happy they are in the world. I will say in advance, I am Spanish and Black raised in a white family, I am surrounded by all cultures and I will say all cultures have a high volume of people that have babies at a young age.

Spanish, Hispanic, Latino, and Latina are at the top of my list. These are some of the flirtiest, catcalling and love chasing people in the world in my opinion. At the same time they are some of the most fun loving and exciting people you will ever meet. I also feel like in their neighborhoods, in less traditional neighborhoods, they’re less shamed for having kids young as well.

Black/African American — These people I feel could even top the spanish if they didn’t try so hard to fit into American society. They’re socible in general, but they do make good flirts and conversationalists. They are funny people generally very happy. But I’ve noticed in almost all black people I’ve met a kind of sad seriousness that they have. Presumably from the state of modern America, though, and the things they experience by just being black. in these societies I’ve noticed those that have kids young are usually helped by their communities, but often shamed by society. (Because of ratial stereotypes and what-not)

Asian Americans- Not first generation but those Asians that have been here for a while, they have a Swag, like a serious just chill attitude like they don’t have a care in the world. They’re smooth, flirty, cool. Awesome people… truly. I don’t know how their families or towns react to youth having children in their cultures

White people. I’m talking middle class white people, the ones who still live in white communities, have not been close to an ethnic/oriental person in their life and believes everything in the media. THEY’RE SECRETIVE. If they have a baby in the family young I feel like their neighborhoods look down on them, their parents are ashamed, they’re offered a lot less help.

Traditional Asians- Very work oriented and as far as I understand, many of them lack the confidence to even talk to girls unless they’re in highly regarded work forces or make a lot of money. Those in blue collar jobs seem more American to me and are exempt from this analysis. The herbivore man is still living, he’s still a man and still happy, but I don’t think they feel fullfilled in life. I don’t feel fulfilled in life.

Muslim people will not be on this list because I don’t know any… But I’ll be going to school with a lot of them soon. Look forward to updates eventually. Anyways.

In, “Are We Living Wrong” my first post of this theory. I made the statement that I’d rather die young than live a million years without enjoying any of them. I used to believe when I was little that I’d die young. Now, looking back on all of the unfulfilled common desires of life that I let go, and realizing that I feel unfulfilled. I think I died in fifth grade, trying to follow along with American standards of life. In fifth grade is the first time I had liked someone. After literally my only memory of Christmas is wishing I had someone that I loved to spend it with.. so I had wanted someone for a while. And in fifth grade I really liked this boy, he was funny, adorable, and since I haven’t seen him since then. I’ll say his name is LaShaune. Anyways, I really liked him but I was nervous so when he asked me out I didn’t say anything and basically ruined a whole school year of awesomeness and I haven’t really had an epic prospect of love since then. I almost did around this year, but I didn’t just yet. I just think people have natural urges that go unfulfilled often in life and maybe that’s why even the idea of love to me has dulled.

This can break off into two thought processes now, one being how can I bring the spark back into the idea of love for myself, and the second being, how do people who live according to these natural callings in life experience life compared to the rest of us. As much as I hate the word, I’ll say it. We’re prudes.

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