My heart is in a period of mass destruction. It feels as if I’m rotting and falling apart from the inside out. I wish my family understood human emotion because I could be crying in front of them and the question instead of are you okay is, “Nina, are you sick or do you have allergies?” “No! I am broken! Someone has taken my heart and stomped on everything that I am and that I . love. I don’t feel happiness, just a mundane sense of existence. I am here. And the only reason I stay here is because I know that leaving will not make me happier, it’ll just make me less than I am now. I want to run off the edge of the planet and it feels like nobody understands that I CAN BE HURT! That I have very real emotions that I cope with every day but at the same time I can be broken and even as hard as I try the damage that has been done still hurts. I don’t want to be alone but it seems like no one can see me. I’d rather be alone than misunderstood. So, no I am not okay, I am not happy, and as much as I hate it: I just want to be alone.

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