This is the launchpad I have interacted with the most, exactly why I decided to write on it in my very first Article on the series, “how to participate in IDOs”.

Without too much talking let’s begin.

  1. You’ll need connect your wallet to
    Make sure you’re on the Binance smart chain network.
  2. Search for the presale you wish to participate in, or better still, go through the presale link provided by the project on their social media handles, (telegram).
  3. Have enough BSC in your wallet, then once the sale goes live, you can then click on contribution link, and contribute, minimum is mostly 0.1BNB max depends on the projects team to decide...
  4. You’ll be able to buy into the sale if it’s a public sale, if it’s a whitelisted sale, then you ought to have filled the whitelist form before now. Find out from the team if the sale would go public after a few minutes or hours from when the sale started, it usually goes public.
  5. After sale is completed and presale hard cap filled, you’ll need to claim your tokens. The projects team would tell her investors when to claim...To claim you’ll go through same link you bought, connect your wallet, and you’d see a claim button where you initially bought.
  6. If the presale doesn’t fill, either it didn’t pass soft cap or it was cancelled, pinksale would return investors funds back to them. So your funds are not lost.
  7. That’s all to it, no tier model, or staking required, this is why I so much love this launchpad. You can contact pinksale using the links below... Pink Ecosystem

Thanks for reading, this is simply me simplifying down the process of buying into presale on pinksale. Leave me a comment if you have any request whatsoever… Tomorrow I shall send the second article on this series…

Always do your own research




I write IDOs and DeFi guides for beginners. I am an IDO Investor, and co founder of DeFi meets IDOs

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Collins Peters

Collins Peters

I write IDOs and DeFi guides for beginners. I am an IDO Investor, and co founder of DeFi meets IDOs

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