The Best Auto Body Shop in San Antonio, TX

Collision San Antonio is a local body shop operated by the owners and professionals technicians, everyone in our team knows very well the needs of our customers in San Antonio. We offers you excellent quality auto body repair in a short time at the best price. We sell the piece in the color you need it and send it to you, ready to install. And if you need to bumper repair, we can handle minor and major Auto body, paint and install all by an average of 2–5 hours depending on the size of the damage. We have been providing full service auto body repair to include brake and bumper repairs. Collision San Antonio will work with you and directly to your Insurance Company to restore your vehicle to pre-collision condition while keeping you informed throughout the collision repair process. Get a free collision repair estimate from our auto body repair shop in San Antonio TX. For most people, an auto accident can lead to more questions than you know to ask.

The biggest question tends to be, “How much is this collision going to cost me?” Depending on your role in the accident, and your insurance coverage, your cost can vary widely. But one thing that doesn’t change is the rate an Auto body repair San Antonio can charge for parts and repairs. A lot of insurance companies in San Antonio may push you to go to one of their preferred san antonio auto shop since they already have an agreement to pass discounts to the insurance company. Our policy is to keep in close contact with you, making sure all messages are returned promptly and no repairs are made without your approval. Our goal is always to provide the highest quality workmanship, while keeping your inconvenience to a minimum and your costs as low as possible. Collision San Antonio is a collision center to repair any size damage in your vehicle, small, medium or big. We have more than 20 years experience repairing car accidents in any brand, domestic and foreign.

We repaint any size of scratch (keyed) in any part of your car, fender, hood, bumper corner, doors and trunk. Fender bender, replace and repaint any part in your car, we have professional body shop technicians to do excellent body work in your car and repaint it. We can handle minor and major bumper repairs including scratches, dents, cracks, tears, holes, scuffs and buckles we can even paint your new bumper and install in minutes when you bring your car, all bumper repair in average take 2 to 5 hours depending on the size of the damage and have lifetime warranty in our collision repair center.

We repair and repaint any size collision damage front end, rear end or side collision, we work with any insurance company. If you got small or medium ding or dent, hail damage and the paint steel there we can fix it without painting the car. It is a professional process to fix the metal sheet, cheaper than the regular body work and paint. If you had the misfortune of being involved in an auto accident we are here to help you. Its stressful we know that, but don’t worry in Collision San Antonio we are ready to return your vehicle to the factory look after the accident with life time warranty in all ours repairs. At Collision San Antonio we give a discount on our hourly rate and on the cost of parts to you. This discount reduces the amount you pay on your deductible. With the claim number call Collision San Antonio (210) 779–9000 and set up appointment to receive your car in case it’s drivable, if not call us and we send you our Towing Service. If you pay from your pocket it’s the same.

Collision San Antonio
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