Instead of being broken, the glass ceiling is wrecking another generation of women across the world.

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East and West German people celebrate the end of cold war on top of the Berlin Wall, 10 November 1989. Photograph: Peter Horvath/REX/Shutterstock

What happens in one country can have dire consequences in many others — we have a responsibility to speak up and work together.

By Shepard Fairey

“You’re not from here, you don’t get to voice your opinion!” “Why do you even care?” “You don’t know anything about the topic so go inform yourself, talk about your own country’s abuses.”

Those are the answers I regularly receive when talking about any issue that is not solely French. Such responses do not only demonstrate a total lack of any valid argument, thus defeating their…

There are 2 episodes left in the major Game of Thrones (GOT) tv show, and 2 weeks left before the under-the-radar European elections. Is this a coincidence? I think not.


No one has a consistent and coherent programme for the Seven Kingdoms

Cersei is too focused on herself to pass any evidence-based policy, let alone listen to her constituents that she actually hates. She manipulates their emotions to achieve her goals.

Time is running out to register to vote for the European elections. COLOMBE CAHEN-SALVADOR explains what you need to do ensure you can have a say.

A polling station open for the elections. Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA.

Colombe Cahen-Salvador

💥 Working for a #progressive united 🌏 at Atlas | she/her

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