The R/GA Connected Commerce Accelerator: it’s all happening!

When you’re based in Silicon Valley, you can’t help being involved with startups (or at least wanting to get in on the action). Hosting the R/GA Ventures Connected Commerce Accelerator in partnership with Westfield Labs has been a fantastic opportunity for R/GA San Francisco to get first hand experience working with emerging tech. The program allows our strategy, design and technology teams to partner with large companies that want to innovate as well as startups looking to sharpen their businesses. The ten companies selected for this program cover a broad range of services that advance the retail and commerce industries in the Connected Age.

We often hear buzz about Accelerator programs, and R/GA has run several preceding programs, but this is the first time we are hosting one in our San Francisco hub. It’s no surprise that there is a lot of energy in the office since we kicked off. And we hope to share that with you — over the next few weeks, different R/GA specialists will share their inside perspective on one of the most exciting accelerator programs in the industry. You can follow our new posts and articles on Twitter, by following our Medium Publication, or by following R/GA on any of our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).

We hope you enjoy this experience with us!