Have you felt like people were always telling you what you can’t do but never what you should do? Ever felt marginalized and held back? If you do feel this way, do you yield to that thinking? It sure seems that’s the attitude and culture the masses have subscribed to. Where does it start? From childhood. Many youths have been programmed to not think highly of themselves and consequently have low self esteem. We’re taught to be realistic instead of passionately imaginative. Beaten to mental submission as opposed to encouraged to dream and fervently pursue our projects. I believe we ought to rewire individuals to believe in themselves and go for the gusto, so to speak. Starting with the youth. Fantaneer is a story about a teen who has awesome ideas for the future and disrupting an entire industry. Adults will mock him and attempt to "put him in his place", but our hero has fire for what he believes in and won’t be put in a box. This is a story about starting a revolution. A story about fostering what some people consider to be awkward and nerdy and using that to engineer your fantasies. Fantaneer is my coming out party. The first tangible manifestation of my ideals and imagination. My debut to the author world. I aspire for this to be a required read in school curriculums one day to infuse the desire to act on your ideas immediately and not let anyone restrain you.

Join me on my journey and stay tuned!