The Caucasian Equation

Let’s solve for x…

Peter Colón
Jul 29, 2018 · 1 min read

During a peer review, a buddy of mine (a designer of Egyptian descent) was recently told, “I need you to improve on x, y, and z before we can consider you for this promotion.”

Dear reader, let’s solve for x.

Where x equals a soft skill this week—and a hard skill, the next. Where x equals a system intuited only by the privileged, for the privileged. Where x puts the onus back on you. Where x equals whatever keeps you out of their hair through Q3.

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Within arithmetic, x serves as a control variable. Which it seems is what they want over us too. Control. POC’s in the workplace are forever problem solvers. But this is one problem we’re not meant to solve.

Note to self: Delve deeper into how ‘variable control’ in the workplace is antithetical to diversity…

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