Best Colonic Hydrotherapy Service in Santa Barbara, CA

Sandra Sphar began her work in gynecology-obstetrics and fertility clinics during the 1980’s in San Diego, also training at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in La Jolla, California. Her knowledge expanded and evolved to include an expertise in colon hydrotherapy, and has resulted in a successful 19 year practice in Santa Barbara. Her interest in Eastern cultures and healing arts culminated in the study of Ayurvedic modalities in India as well as studying at the Sivananda Institute of Yoga. She is also trained in lymphatic massage and foot reflexology. Sandra’s philosophy is that each individual is unique. There is no standard formula or single prescription in her recommended protocols. Each client’s program is individually designed according to age, lifestyle, diet and personal goals. Her cleansing and detoxification programs focus on maintaining healthy and clear eliminative channels. Sandra’s years of experience have helped her develop successful and attainable goals for her clients. In order for your body to experience optimum health, I recommend detoxification and fasting programs four times a year as the seasons change. This includes three to seven day fasting incorporated with colonic, coffee enemas, wheat grass and chlorophyll infusions.

Colon cleansing is a detoxifying process. Toxicity occurs in our bodies when we take in more than we can utilize and eliminate. Whether it be food, emotions, or mental stress, colon cleansing is the process of clearing unmanaged waste, emotions and stress from the body’s tissues. Colon irrigation is a hygienic cleansing of the large intestine. Filtered and sterile water is introduced into the colon through a sterile, disposable rectal speculum. The speculum is inserted into the rectum about 1 and 1/2 inches. Water induces the colon to contract (peristalsis) allowing the colon to release water and waste. In this way the colon is gently washed in progressive intervals, a little water in, waste and water out-repeated again and again. Imagine a wave gently touching the beach, then receding and carrying away silt and residue each time. During your colon therapy session your therapist will administer abdominal massage, coaching for deep breathing and acupressure point therapy. We appreciate you choosing Colonic Santa Barbara CA as your provider for your colon health. As a token of our apprication, we would like to offer you $10 off your first visit.

Organic essential oils are carefully chosen for each individual and utilized during the session allowing the mind and body to relax and release. Adding coffee, wheat grass and probiotics to the cleansing fluid is not allowed unless prescribed by a homeopathic doctor. Additional fees apply. Every now and then, your body needs to cleanse itself and colonic santa barbara offer two different detox programs to give you the tools needed to clean out the toxins that can stick to the walls of your stomach and colon. Colonics Santa Barbara detox program is composed of a juice cleanse of juice made fresh every morning for you to enjoy, colonics, plus all the supplements your body will need to nurture itself over your detox. Colonics is the process of removing toxins from the colon by cleansing it with water. Colonics is very helpful when you’re doing a juice cleanse because your body releases toxins and colonics will help you to rid your body completely of those toxins.

Ear candling helps to improve the overall health of any individual. Our Santa Barbara Colonics use ear candle cones that we light to put negative pressure on the ear canal. This then releases the wax out of the ear canal. The cone is placed into the ear and then the other side is lit with fire. The flame is cut back with scissors and then extinguished 4 inches from the patient’s face. We use a placeholder between the cone and the patient’s face to ensure no wax residue or heat gets near their face. This procedure takes around an hour to perform. If you have more questions on ear candling, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (805) 883–6224.

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