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Colonize Mars
5 min readOct 22, 2021


This release introduces the Martia Token and Earning gameplay.

We know it’s been a long time coming and we’re more than grateful to those who have supported us throughout the development process so without further ado, let’s take a look at what will be happening on Friday October 29th!

Martia Token

Martia Token is the in-game token that governs the Martian economy.

This is a token created on the WAX blockchain, with a maximum supply of 12 Billion. 10 Billion will be available to earn through gameplay, and 2 Billion will be set aside and released over time for development and other initiatives.

Some of the early uses of Martia Token will be to maintain and repair items, trade for resources, grant voting rights, and for colony improvement. These features will be coming in subsequent gameplay releases. For the latest details about Martia Token and the numbers behind how it is earned, please read our Roadmap document.

Earning Gameplay

Now that you know what players will be earning — let’s find out how players will earn Martia Token.

Image layout is for illustration purposes only.

Account Creation

Here is what players can expect when they navigate to

A ‘Play’ button in the top right menu.

Pressing this will take the player to a page where they can login to their Colonize Mars account.

If players do not yet have an account they can easily register for one by clicking the ‘Sign up’ link.

All that is required is to input an email address, choose a password, link it to your WAX wallet (information on how to do this can be found here), and you are ready to go!

Colony Map

Once logged in, players will be presented with the colony map.

In the upper right corner of the map there is a menu of player actions. Let’s take a look at some key options.


Here’s where the fun begins! Let’s start earning some Martia Token.

In the above example we can see that the player has some Cargo Rocketship cards, 3 Dark Matter (legendary), 1 Gold (epic), 8 Stainless Steel (rare), 13 Shadow (uncommon) and 30 Standard (common). For more details on the cards themselves visit this Page.

Once the player clicks the arrow on the right they will have the opportunity to assign all their Cargo Rocketship cards to an Ownership card of the same type. In this case, the player has chosen Cargo Rocketship Four as their active selection.

When an Ownership is selected, all of your corresponding cards will be assigned as a group to that Ownership Card, they cannot be split. (e.g. I have 4 Cargo Rocketship Cards. When I assign them, they will all be assigned to one Ownership. I cannot assign 2 cards to Cargo Rocketship One and 2 cards to Cargo Rocketship Two).

Once a selection is made, earning will commence! Owners may have differing fees though so choose wisely.

We can also see that this player currently has no Solar Panel Array cards. There is a quick link to the right of this section where the player will be taken to the marketplace and can purchase cards to improve their collection.


This is where players will be able to change their avatar and view account details such as total Martia Token earned, Colony Ownership, Collection Strength as well as claim any Martia Token they have earned.

Collection (coming soon)

Players will be able to view their cards, patches, stickers and other Colonize Mars NFT collectibles all in one place.

Coming soon in a subsequent release.


Players will have the ability to track their rank amongst the entire Colonize Mars player base. Why not compete to be the top earner, collector and more!

Martia Earned and Collection Strength Leaderboards are coming soon in a subsequent release.

This is the next step on the path to colonizing Mars and we hope you will be with us on this exciting journey!

We are considering this a beta release, because we have some additional features planned that we will be implementing in subsequent smaller releases after launch. All values are for illustration purposes and may be subject to change.

About Colonize Mars

Our mission is to tell the story of establishing a self-sustaining civilization on Mars in an accurate and visually compelling way so that more people are inspired to become explorers and pioneers of the final frontier.

We are building a blockchain-based simulation game that allows players to participate in growing a small base on mars into a self-sustaining city, and then eventually being able to establish small outposts of their own. Learn more at

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