Martia Token Staking launching February 21st

On Mars, it will be important to allocate a certain portion of resources and funds to innovation, research, and development of future technologies. Until these future technologies are ready for Mars, players can lock up a portion of their Martia Token in exchange for in-game rewards such as additional Martia Token, Resource Tokens, or NFTs.

As previously announced, players will have an opportunity to stake Martia Token earnings for the following rewards:

  • Resources: Water, Power, Food, Wellbeing, Oxygen.

Staking will be launching next Monday, February 21st, 2022 around 5pm UTC.

How to Stake

Step 1 : Select the amount of Martia token to stake (up to your wallet’s entire Martia token balance).

Step 2 : Select a locking timeframe from the dropdown of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 months. The amount of Martia token you stake will only be released at the end of this locking period. The weight multiplier will update based on the timeframe selected:

  • 1 month = 1.00

Step 3 : Select which of the initial 7 pools you want to stake in, based on your preferred reward type:

  • Martia Token

You will then be presented with an estimated total reward and a confirmation button. This estimation will be disabled for the first 24 hours as it is based on the amount of Martia token staked which will change rapidly once the pools are opened up.

Once your staking is confirmed, the information pertaining to the stake will be displayed in the relevant section of the “Staking overview” within the Profile page. This overview will also include a timer for the locking time left and show any accrued rewards.

Note that the Martia and Resource rewards can only be claimed when the locking period is over. NFT rewards will be claimable as they are won.

When the staking period you selected is over, you WILL NOT keep accumulating rewards on that stake — so claim it and re-stake if you so desire.

Staking for Resource Token Rewards

The resource tokens will be similar to the Martia token, except they don’t have a maximum supply. This allows tokens that are burnt to be re-minted, since their primary purpose is to be consumed and produced within the colony-wide resource chain.

Here are the quantities that will be distributed to the staking pools each hour:

  • Water = 2,500 / hour
Resource Types for Staking

These quantities may be adjusted based on final balancing of our resource gameplay coming in a future release. The calculations to determine each player’s percentage of this distribution will be similar to the calculation for the Martia Reward pool (see below).

A Deeper look into future Resource Gameplay

Earning resource tokens now via staking will enable players to get a head start in stockpiling resources in preparation for our upcoming gameplay.

To further expand on how resource gameplay will work, each item in the colony has inputs and outputs related to its function.

For instance, the Ice Mining Rig will require Power as an input and produce Water as an output. More complex items coming in future missions will require more complex input and output management. Players will eventually be able to choose a split of Martia and Resource outputs for each item type:

  • 25% Martia + 75% resources

As you can see, there is no 100% resource option. This is so that the ownership Martia fees are always covered. For example , if a player sets the production of their cards to get a 25% Martia token + 75% resource token output , on a 10% fee ownership card, then this player will actually get 15% Martia token, 75% resources, and the owner will get 10% Martia.

If a player doesn’t put in the required resources, they only get a fraction of the outputs.

Strategic Enhancements for Ownership and Sponsorship Card Holders

Currently Ownership and Sponsorship share a baseline payout of 15% of the release Martia per hour. This helps balance payouts between different item types.

With the introduction of the resource chain, we are replacing the baseline payout for Ownership cards with a large amount of Earning Power per Ownership / Sponsorship Card. This allows the Ownership / Sponsorship holders the option to participate in resource gameplay. They can still produce Martia Token with their card by choosing a 100% Martia : 0% Resource split for their output selection. This increased freedom of choice will not only add more strategy to all cards, but also allow the colony to grow with additional Ownership cards of existing types without further reducing their utility.

Staking for Martia Token Rewards

Every hour, an adjustable portion (50% initially) of the Martia token earned by the Colonize Mars account will be sent to the Martia rewards pool and assigned to the users who have staked to the Martia reward pool. This will amount to approximately 3000 Martia/hour and will grow as the player base increases.

The distribution will be based on staked weight, and will be assigned to every entry into the Martia pool as follows:

Martia Dev fee * 0.5 = Total sent to the Martia rewards pool

Total sent to the Martia rewards pool / total Stake Weight of the Martia pool = amount of Martia earned per 1 stake weight

Players will be able to see the total staked weight of each pool before staking, but this amount will change as more people stake / unstake.

Amount of Martia earned per 1 stake weight * stake weight of that entry = Amount earned by stake

This amount earned will be added to any previously earned rewards in the accrued rewards shown in the “Staking overview” in the Profile tab.

Staking for NFT Rewards

There will be 19,651 NFTs in the pool rewards to begin with, all epic (gold), legendary (dark matter), or ownership rarity. There are 9 ownership cards to start, so there’s a rough 1/2000 chance an NFT won is an ownership NFT, or 1/400 per hour roughly as we plan on giving 5 NFTs per hour initially.

Every hour, 5 NFTs will be assigned to the NFT pool stakers, with the chance of getting an NFT based on that player’s percentage contribution to the NFT staked weight total.

Note that when you have won an NFT, it can be claimed as soon as it has been earned. You do not have to wait for the locking period to be over, contrary to the other pools.


We look forward to seeing the different strategies and creativity from the community with this new feature. Please reach out on Discord or Telegram if you have any questions, and we will be organizing a team AMA so you can hear from the developers directly. Happy staking!

About Colonize Mars

Our mission is to tell the story of establishing a self-sustaining civilization on Mars in an accurate and visually compelling way so that more people are inspired to become explorers and pioneers of the final frontier.

We are building a blockchain-based simulation game that allows players to participate in growing a small base on mars into a self-sustaining city, and then eventually being able to establish small outposts of their own. Learn more at

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Own a part of the first-ever Mars Colony on the blockchain. Follow the progression of our colony and collect limited-edition cards.

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Colonize Mars

Own a part of the first-ever Mars Colony on the blockchain. Follow the progression of our colony and collect limited-edition cards.