Drug testing is an important part of the operations of many companies. Companies which are under the authority and jurisdiction of the department of transport are mandated by law to check their employees from time to time for the presence or otherwise of banned chemical substances. These tests can cover a range of substances to include alcohol, cannabis, performance and enhancement drugs, cocaine, LSD and the likes.


Drug testing is necessary for people who operate heavy machinery as well as those who drive trucks or control air traffic. Al these sets of people by virtue of the function they perform can endanger the lives of people around them. Their operations must be carefully carried out with a mind that is lucid and nit under the influence of any chemical substance.

Periodically and at the behest of the employers of labor or the government through the agency of the department of transport, drug testing should be periodically ordered for and carried out. This keeps the workers on their toes as these drug tests are done without notification and can be randomly carried out on any of the crew members or drivers of an organization


Colorado mobile drug testing, is the vendor of choice for many top companies and establishments. They have the advantage of reducing the time for testing by carrying out the test on site or at the work premise of the workers involved. This saves a lot of time which will be required by the company to send their workers to places where they can be tested.

The Colorado mobile drug testing, have kits with which they can test workers and produce results for either the government or their parent company. This tests are important and varied in nature. Overall, the tests are to ensure that chemical substances which are constituents of known and banned drugs and substances are not found in the blood stream of individuals at any point in time.

There are certain guidelines and rules that we follow and adhere to while performing these tests. The guidelines have been set by the government through the department of transport and we follow through with these federal regulated guidelines as well as the guidelines guiding such tests in the state of Colorado.


The samples which the company collect from people on which we conduct these tests include urine, finger nails, saliva, and hair follicle. From these samples we are able to perform tests and ascertain if the individual is drug free or has been taking unhealthy substances while on the job or while performing the job. We also perform consulting for companies, individuals, agents and families on any aspect of drug testing. We can help with advice for people and companies to assist them with whatever issues they have when it comes to drug testing.

We provide round the clock emergency testing for companies, individuals and families. All we need is for the clients to put a call through to us and our team of highly qualified experts will find their way to your place and perform the tests of your request.

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