Important Elk Hunting Tips & Tricks to Harvest the Best Game

Elks, one of the largest game animals, are very sportive, rarely careless and seldom clumsy. Those who have gone for elk hunting in Colorado will understand how difficult and smart elks are to hunt. It takes many years to learn the art and skills of hunting elks. While coping up with the art of elk hunting, a learner will go through different phases such as anger, frustration, and depression to gain experience.

During the learning phase, a hunter starts respecting the qualities of the elk. The most important point to remember is to never underestimate the tendency of your opposition and this will surely make you efficient enough to hunt down an elk. Hence, below are some tips and tricks to harvest the best elk:

Understand their Pattern: Strange but elk’s love certain place just like the humans do! They have their special spots, such as, feeding areas, water holes, scrapes, sleeping areas, and hang out sites. While practicing, if you follow an elk herd, you will easily learn about their timings and locations, resulting in hunting down your favorite harvest.

Be in Shape: Physical fitness is important for hunting and it is vital to be fit while planning elk hunting in Colorado. Elks live on rocky planes and in some cases, to hunt down a good game, you might need to hike miles along the most rugged country parts and spend all night amid the jungle to get them out. To match your adrenaline rush, you need to be fit and this will turn your adventure into a treat!

Work on a Full-Proof Plan: When elk’s smell any danger in their periphery, they head towards the deep, thick, dark and nasty part of the mountainous jungles. Though it is shocking, it’s an elk fact! Hence, if ready to harvest a spike elk or a bull elk plan a long hike or else you’ll be sorely disappointed. Elk are elusive for a reason, so make a perfect plan to hunt them down during their rut.

Learn About the Equipment: Elk never give an easy deadshot. You might need to shoot a quick 30 yard shot to a 500 yard plus shot sometimes, so learn how to manage it with your equipment. You either get to see an elk in a quick glimpse, or at a far off distance. For both situations, you need to stay prepared as elks do hang out long in the open and never turn to look back like mules.

Know Your Hunting Ground: It’s vital and advantageous to know the areas well to increase your success rate in hunting. If you keep on trying new area for discovering elks, you might get skunked, but sticking to one place increases the success. Be consistent!

When planning elk hunting in Colorado, keep in mind the above tips and tricks as they will surely help you hunt down your biggest game.

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