Are the UX articles you’re reading trying to sell you something?
Fabricio Teixeira

Next time you land on an article written by the makers of a design or prototyping software, pay attention to the title and intro: are there too many unnecessary keywords?

Click-bait and over optimized SEO? You are probably doing it in this same article. Count how many of the multiple buzzwords you are using in this one and you will be surprised. 👍

We don’t make any money out of and don’t ever plan to

Well you are not making money and you are promising not to do in the future, but what you are doing (Directly or indirectly) is building reputation in a highly trendy industry, that you know, pays quite well for opinion leaders.

They (desperately) want your email address

Well, you have a subscription link in your main navigation, there’s a chunk of text at the bottom of the article inviting to subscribe and a nice sign up form introduced by a cute and charming bear.

I mean, your article is as valid as others’ articles that look for promotion on their products/services. I believe most of designer can discern between black patterns and useful contents.

However, thanks for all the articles you guys are sharing, really useful!