A Doodle A Day #11


I don’t know if most artists have trouble coming up with an idea of what to create. I know that I do…and I don’t. The best things seem to happen when I think I do have an idea and then allow the ‘don’t’ to lead the way. Today, for instance, I thought I was drawing a cloud — and maybe it is a cloud — but when I finished it, the irony was clear: it’s either a cloud filled with ‘happy’ or it could be a happy flower. I’m not sure and I guess it doesn’t matter. Either way, I’m happy (really) with the result and I really that the word ‘happy’ appeared, especially on a Monday!

This one is done with a different pen than I’ve been using. I have a pen obsession, which the artist thing has magnified. I’m continually on the quest for “good and fun” pens and markers. Good doesn’t always mean expensive, I’ve found some of my favorite gel pens at the dollar store. They were far superior to others I paid much more for; so you just can never really tell what’s going to make an awesome pen for your project.

I recently started using Sakura Pigma Micron pens for my outlines, which is what I’ve used for all the daily doodles. It’s archival ink, which is good and there’s less smudging potential than with some of the other pens I’ve used in the past. It can be heartbreaking to draw something and then when you go to color it in, the black bleeds. I speak from sad experience.

Today I used a fairly fine-tipped pen and I think you can see the difference. This one draws a .20 mm line. Previously I was using a .50 mm and it makes a difference. The thicker line pens are somehow more demanding to draw with for me than the skinnier ones. It feels like more of a commitment. I switched today because I wanted more freedom within the drawing and I felt it.

The other thing that happens sometimes is I push down too hard and ruin the tips. I’ve read that when drawing to hold the pen like it’s an eggshell, which is good advice if you can remember it when you’re creating. Alas, I oftentimes do not and end up with frayed nibs due to over exuberance while doodling! It is good advice, though and if you can do it, it makes a difference in your drawing and how you physically feel when finished.

I’m going to follow my own advice today and be happy and the advice about not holding on too tight, for my sake and for the sake of what might be created.

Until tomorrow. Be happy. Be creative. 😊

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