A Doodle a Day

(or my new attempt at discipline)

So, I’ve decided to attempt a doodle a day for the next 30 days. Just a doodle. Black and white. Not even colored in. I’m doing this because I’ve outed myself now as an artist and if I’m really going to be that, I feel like a) I should be doing art and b) I lack discipline, so this is an attempt to meld the two together.

And, since I’m not convinced I’ll be able to stick with this without major motivation, I’m doing this publicly instead of on my own. I’m asking for your help by bringing you with me…to cheer me on or smack me, as required.

Because I know how I am…all over the board and not always willing to do what needs to be done. I mean sure, today I’m all fired up about this little project…A Doodle a Day…yippee!! What a fun idea! The challenge is to make sure it stays fun (and I’ve already completed this day’s doodle and it was fun) and I am excited because I’ve been so busy marketing and learning about marketing my art, that I wasn’t doing any art at all, so it felt really good to sit down this morning and draw this…

It was a start. I decided to let myself go free form first time out and see what happened. Well, what happened next was I found myself writing the word “Welcome” and then “Change” into the design. That seemed to be a positive start!

I actually really like this shape and doing free-form drawing. I highly recommend just letting yourself doodle it out and see what happens. Now that I’m looking at this form I see some common shapes and a message in them.

The upper right reminds me of a Reiki symbol I use during healing for myself and others (not surprisingly it would be the one I would use if someone told me they felt like they were stuck and needed motivation and discipline.) And of course the curly cue/swirl is also a very healing shape and one that is also used in Reiki.

So, if I had to interpret my own art — which is what I’m doing — I’d say the message from the outline alone is about healing, which is lovely. I can also extrapolate a bird and when I started to pattern it out, I discovered a heart and a butterfly as you can see.

I’ve decided I’m am going to color it, but I’m thinking maybe not for this challenge. This is going to be about the doodle and then maybe next month, I’ll return and color in the patterns. I’m willing to see where this will take me. And, I hope you’ll come along with me on my journey to see what happens when you do a Doodle A Day and how the Doodles turn out and if I will succeed in being Disciplined in creating Doodles!

Until tomorrow, happy doodling. ❤

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