Flower Power

a Doodle a Day #36 — Color!

Again, today’s doodle turned out looking great when I colored it! Pretty exciting and obviously it’s the little things that make me happy.

Just looking at the finished version of this flower and I am really digging it. I crack myself up because I am my own biggest fan! lol

I hardly ever create anything that I’m not completely delighted and surprised by!

I guess I must be the definition of the anti-tormented artist, which I why I think my art is so powerful. I am basically a joyful person and I’ve also been blessed with the gift of healing and strong intuition. Those are three VERY powerful traits to have! When I create art, I completely understand that (like my healing gifts and my intuition) this is something that comes through me, not from me. It’s pretty amazing! I can honestly say that I am in awe of what appears!

I think that’s part of the reason I’m sharing my art and this blog for anyone who stumbles upon it. I want to share these gifts with you. It’s taken me a long time to understand that I am able to feel, see and hear things outside the realm of other people and an even longer time for me to embrace those things. The art was part of it. When it started it happening, it was pretty obvious something magical was happening and the response I received was crazy! Almost daily I hear how wonderful, powerful and happy people feel when they experience my art, which is so fantastic. That’s what I want and who I want to be…someone who recognizes their gifts and shares them for the benefit of others.

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