Let the Flow Show You How Fast to Go

A Doodle A Day #49 — Now with Color!

I opened my sketchbook and flipped open to Doodle a Day #19 as shown here in black and white and was like…oh boy, this is going to take a while to color (and I was right…it was hours), but it was FUN and I don’t regret the time I put in.

I patterned this pattern on one of the apple box sides I decorated. It’s just so much fun because it’s patterns within patterns and I felt extremely relaxed after I finished coloring it today, especially considering I have a long list of things I plan to and some things I need to accomplish today. It’s interesting with the blog and now the coloring…it makes me go at a pace that I may not otherwise chose. Today, for instance, I had to take the time to do the coloring. That is the commitment I’ve made to myself and I’m glad I did…make the commitment and take the time to color this piece in. By the time I finished, I’d had several good ideas about the other things I want to accomplish and feel much clearer on a couple of things I was pondering on. Such is the gift of coloring and coloring patterns.

My point is when you can surrender to whatever is happening at whatever pace it is happening, it seems to open up space for more to happen for you…ideas, less stress, peace, creativity. Go with the flow…it’s happening anyway.

Color and feel the flow.

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