Living for Now

a Doodle a Day — Colored! #32

If you’ve been following along. Ha ha, lol, ha, ha, ha. Oh, that’s a good one, wait…wait…I’m wiping the tears from my eyes. The beauty of this blog is not too many people are following along and that’s just fine. Oops, did I just break the “third blog wall”? ;)

Anyway, I LOVE today’s colored doodle. If you have been following along, you’ll remember that I “accidentally” created this one with my blue Pigma marker and decided to go with the flow. It was the only one of the 30 that ended up blue and I’m glad it did, for a few reasons…1. I love the color blue. It is my favorite. 2. The “mistake” makes it unique. There’s a reason for that. Most likely, it’s in the message. 3. I feel good looking at it (and I hope you do, too).

Now. Now. Now. That’s all there’s is people; you’re in it NOW. Oops, there goes another now and another. The point is enjoy and embrace the NOWs as they present themselves as we never know when the next NOW will be our last. Now is awesome.

That’s all..for now.

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