M is for…

A Doodle a Day #56 — Now with Color!

Last time I wrote about the “M”, the “M” was for Magic. I’m not sure what the “M” is for today. When I asked my boyfriend what “M” stand for he responded, “Marshall law, like what’s happening in Texas right now.” But my “M” is just a tad too cheery to be for “Marshall Law”, don’t you think?!

I think today’s “M” can be for miracles, magic, manifestation and money…I’m going with that. I veered off today from the Twistables and although (as per usual), I’m very pleased with resulting colored piece, I am seeing the disadvantages of gel pens and even some of the colored pencils because some of them smear the black lines, which I’m not into.

I’m not sure how other artists handle this, but I have a lot of trouble keeping the paper clean and smudge free, which is why my artwork translates so well to digital prints, I think, because I can clean up all the messiness. (Hey…maybe “M” is for messiness. That sounds about right.) There’s probably a secret way to easily avoid messiness on artwork, I just haven’t taken the time to investigate it yet, until then, “M” will have to continue to be for messiness on my artwork, but for the rest of my life, I’m ready for miracles, magic, manifestation and money. ☺

Have you tried coloring? It’s awesome (really)!

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