Importance of Realistic Art Education

Art is realistic when it strives to express an ethical ideal. Realism is striving for truth and truth is always beautiful. Here the aesthetic coincides with the ethical.

Why would anyone even bother with realism anymore? Isn’t this a hangover from a time before sophisticated photography? How can a painting possibly be more realistic than a picture? These are the questions that run through our minds today; the last one has a crucial role to play among the others.

The answer is self- contradictory, as realistic art represents reality as it really is, not just as it looks. Photography is great at recording minute details and shapes of the object, event or encounter whereas realistic art helps you to know how it looks or appears. The two very important elements of reality that a photograph fails to capture, no matter how good it appears, just don’t capture as perfectly as a realistic art does i.e. emotions and meaning. A camera successfully catches emotions but have you ever questioned about them being real? The lens captures only emotion while realistic art showcases reason behind the emotions through art. The realism of art does not lie in what is painted but how it is painted. The artist uses colors, shading and contrast to express the emotional content of the situation, of a person’s life or image. Photographs fail to capture the depth of the emotion while realistic art go deeper than mere appearances with accurate, more realistic, more true to the world art pieces.

Similar confusion develops describing the difference and importance between the realistic art and modern art. Realistic art is composed of real-life object and is confined to reality whereas modern art is boundless with no restrictions and real imagery. People often fail to understand that modern art lacks reality, emotions and meaning while realistic art is all about emotions, meaning and reasoning. People today tend to splash colors on the canvas lacking emotions and meaning only to define it as abstract art. It has become a necessity to spread awareness about the difference between the two and the standards of realistic art compared to the modern.

Today realistic art education is under political and curriculum pressure. The importance given to the subjects like Math and science has marginalised the teaching of art. People often fail to realise that realist art education forms guidance to explorations, build on and record creative imagination and innovative ideas. But there are visionaries keen on promoting realistic art education and one of them is Pencil and Chai who has grasped the knowledge and importance of realistic art and are against the meaningless creating of art with just few lines and splashes of color where the artist lacks the vision. They believe that the artist has a keen observer within with full of emotions and reasoning for his piece of art created. They oppose the classroom styled art education using photographs as a medium of reference, they offer realistic art classes leaving behind the classroom boundaries and giving the students live experience and observation guidance to the art works they create. Pencil and Chai welcomes its students only during the weekends to keep them away with the week day schedules. Though they don’t entirely support the pressured learning they follow structured curriculum as they take realistic art education serious.

Pencil and Chai is an art institute working hard to stop the fictions art eclipse the realistic art completely.

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