Introducing Spicycat

Originally Spicycat is Nam prik brand. Nam prik is a chili-based dip which is one of Thailand most loved dishes. Spicycat was first launched in 2021, our Spicycat Nam prik is guaranteed for its spiciness and unstoppability once you get to try. As a result, we created our brand logo as a fire-breathing cat to reflect how hot our products are. We then have the idea to create something else after our logo as we think our cat can breathe amazing more things than fire and we came up with NFT collection.

Here comes our story. The cat gang who get to try magic chilis with unique spiciness, and these chilis made them breathe fire and many more incredible stuffs.

Spicycat are not generated by AI living on the NEAR Blockchain. Total Supply = 444 with 3 levels of rarity and different proportion : Common, Rare and Super rare.

We will first drop on 23 January 2022 on and update the roadmap soon. You can follow our update on Twitter and we hope you will enjoy our Spicycat!




NFT Artist from Thailand

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NFT Artist from Thailand

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