Hunter X Hunter is amazing. Yoshihiro Togashi is a living legend. For some he’s an absolute genius, having created Ghost Fighter (Yuyu Hakusho) and then followed by another epic masterpiece, HunterXHunter.

There will always be critics and detractors saying different things, but one thing is for certain, Yoshihiro Togashi brings out the child in his viewers.

Hunter X Hunter was originally a manga which was animated in 1999, then it was re-animated in 2011, omitting the filler-episodes (episodes which aren’t included in the origial manga) with animation fitting the 21st century style adding and catching up with the current storyline.

Hunter X Hunter is set in a world where normal humans and mythical creatures exist. The story starts off with Gon Freecs, a 12-year-old island boy who sets out to become a hunter after he found out that the father he never met was one. Gon then meets Kurapica (18) and Leorio (19), and another boy his age, Killua, who’s his complete opposite in terms of wit, technique, experience and family status (in every aspect).

What’s attractive with this story are the solid characters, their development and how they live in this well-made, well-thought-of world.

What will keep you hanging on to it are the survival game and often times the silliness that will make you both wonder and laugh.

It’s incomparable to its successors: Naruto, One Piece and Bleach, whose plots have obviously been influenced by Togashi’s works.

To Yoshihiro Togashi-sensei, we love your work and thank you for making this wonderful masterpiece. Be healthy and may you be blessed!

To anyone who hasn’t seen HxH. Well, 1999 version is fun, the real action though starts at episode 6 onwards. 2011 is just as great and more of the storyline was revealed. If you dont have time to watch both, go for 2011. But if you’re the meticulous type and you want the whole HunterXHunter feel start with 1999 episodes 1–31 (until the hunter exam ends) then continue on with episodes 22–148 (last episode).

Although there’s not much of a change if you’re gonna watch the 2011 version, more people prefer it. I recommended the former because I got mesmerized by the details, art and voice performance in the 1999 version which were shown in the first 30 episodes.

Hope you guys enjoy the anime and spread the word!


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