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Will this masked woman be seen again post-COVID-19? Or will she disappear into the sunset? [All photos & montage by the author.]

I’m far from the first to write about how much our lives have changed in a few very short, cataclysmic weeks, but it’s also true that each of us has a uniquely personal perspective on the current global situation caused by the novel coronavirus. One of my own epiphanies: Face Masks, the Making and Wearing of.

I’ve been sewing nearly my entire life, and for the most part, the majority of people I know have not really appreciated this skill. (“Why would you bother making that yourself?” is one of the most common/least favorite things I hear.) But suddenly, anyone with a sewing machine and some cotton fabric is a hot commodity. And there are now literally hundreds of people making and selling masks*, as well as donating them to health care workers and others who really need medical-grade masks, but for whom some protection is better than none. …


Lindy Thibodaux

Writes about the transformative power of color. Designs. Plays piano, speaks French, dances Argentine tango. Loves.

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