The purpose of life

What is your purpose of life?

When I grew up my purpose was to do well at school and find a job. Along the way I had hoped to find a boyfriend.

For me having a job was all about earning money and then spending that money on magazines, food, clothes and building a house.

Having a job was about doing the same things every day.

My mother wanted me to follow in her footsteps. Doing a less challenging task every day right after finishing middle school

But was that all there was about life?

What about learning more?

What about challenges?


Deep down I knew this was not my journey.

What was actually helpful were the job interviews. The interviewers found out for me that this was not my path.

So I refused to enter job life and instead moved on to high school.

Sure, this was not easy since there was no one in my family who could help me, but I really enjoyed learning new things every day. I struggled, but I kept going until graduation.

Then once again my mother pressed me to find a job. But I refused. My education. My life.

More challenges ahead.

I went on to become a teacher. There were a lot of obstacles on the way. But only through these kind of challenging experiences did I become the self-confident person I am today. I failed many times but each fail has taught me that getting up again is always possible. No matter how deep you fall. You still have two feet to lift yourself up and straighten your posture little by little. After each fall my posture became straighter, my self-confidence was growing.

My mother had preferred a different, less challenging path for me. She wanted to save me from failures but it is only through these failures that we turn into strong, self-confident, healthy human beings. Learning to adapt to the circumstances is not something that can be taught. It must be experienced.

Not being afraid to fail

Always trying


getting up

becoming stronger

getting better

becoming self-aware

finding out what I really want to achieve in life

this is my purpose of life

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