1,000 Avatars Using Gloebit

OpenSim virtual world avatars with a Gloebit account

We’ve reached a major milestone, passing one thousand avatars from across twenty-five OpenSim worlds which have connected to a Gloebit account.

June is Gloebit’s best month yet

With ~$1,000 in transaction volume, we’ve already surpassed previous monthly totals and still have nearly half the month remaining

gloebits spent through day of month

This increase in transaction volume is due to growth in both the number of transactions as well as the average transaction amount.

x-axis only includes prices which had a transaction during this period

The 685 transactions range from 1 gloebit up to 26,000 gloebits. While the median price has remained steady at 150 gloebits, the average price thus far in June increased 99 gloebits from May’s average to 329 gloebits (~$1.50). Some of the average price increase is attributable to more OpenSim worlds accepting region and store rental fees, which are often higher value transactions, in gloebits. The most popular price points are as follows:
- 100 G$ — 68 transactions
- 1 G$ — 32 transactions
- 200 G$ — 31 transactions
- 129 G$ — 30 transactions
- 250 G$, 150 G$, 75 G$ — 27 transactions

Next Platform

With a solid foothold and growing user base in OpenSim, Gloebit is assessing it’s next platform integration target. In addition to top virtual reality platforms, Gloebit is examining the payment issues with traditional web content. VR and digital content are the wave of the future. Fast, simple, immersive micro-transactions are the payment mechanism for this future, and Gloebit is here to accelerate that transition.