Let’s Talk Crypto Security

As with any cryptocurrency, the best way to ensure your coins are safe is to keep them in your own wallet. Let’s take a detailed look at safest ways to secure COLX investments in order:

A “Hardware Wallet” with a high degree of security features.

For ColossusXT, a cutting edge hardware wallet option has become available now with Plaak partnership. No user data or assets stay kept in a central storage point nor available to the hardware provider. Some cool features of the COLX hardware wallet:

  • State of the art biometrics plus an on-card thumb print scanner gives you total control and total security of your own funds
  • Encrypted Chip Set — safe against illegitimate Bluetooth scanners.
  • Lithium Ion battery with a 3 month battery life (coming with a recharge docking station)
  • Secure Biometric and KYC Account recovery process should your card or credentials ever get lost or stolen
  • Conveniently 85.6 x 53.98 x 0.83mm sized to fit perfectly in your pocket with your bank card and drivers license.
  • Customisable Dot-Matrix E-ink display to view your balance, battery life and more.
Pioneering the new wave of digital wallets with wireless transaction capabilities and a host of secure & convenient features

To find out more, or to pre-order your COLX hardware wallet head to https://colxwallet.plaak.com/

“Paper Wallet” which does not touch to an internet connection:

For additional security, you can use our paper wallet generator [Link].

ColossusXT Official Wallets:

Use the encryption method within the ColossusXT wallet and store backups of your wallet. Available COLX wallets can be downloaded from https://colossusxt.io/downloads-wallet/

Exchanges, 3rd party staking pools, 3rd party wallets:

Always activate 2FA encryption in these platforms and never leave your coins on exchanges. Further, steps need to be taken to ensure you are following proper password security.

Strangers vs. Colx Team Members:

Never provide another user with any of your wallet information: wallet.dat, private key, and/or allow them to remote in to your computer for support, etc

In Discord, always check the REAL ID of the team member you’re talking:

To view the REAL ID from a member you need to enable DEVELOPER MODE : Open user settings > Appearance > DEVELOPER MODE ON 
After this you can right click a username copy the ID, this ID can’t be faked. 
You can verify here if you are talking with the real member and not an impersonator. 
After this you can right click a username copy the ID, this ID can’t be faked.
You can verify here if you are talking with the real member and not an impersonator.

Team members are marked as “admins” in Telegram

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