Recent Announcements — August 2019 Monthly Update

Aug 31 · 2 min read
  1. Crowdfund campaign is around ~66% for Crex24 Exchange Listing ends in September, we appreciate the community support to finalize this integration:
  2. Armis I2P Community Beta started: Except some bug reports, testnet is running integrated with I2P network. As we start the countdown for launch, testing with a larger pool of nodes on a network is essential. For this reason, if you want to assist testing of the Armis I2P Network Layer, you can either apply here or connect with us on Discord:
  3. In the following days, Block 1 Million will be processed on ColossusXT blockchain (ETA September 2, 2019), stay tuned for news & promotions to celebrate this milestone, as well as the 2nd anniversary of ColossusXT in September
  4. CoinDeal Exchange Listing Competition— Community Votes: We climbed from bottom to 18th position out of 100, with higher community support we can achieve this faster. You can register here, vote every 24 hours for COLX and get free CRL tokens upon KYC.
  5. ColossusXT has been interviewed and included in Zage Blockchain Report where 102 blockchain leaders share their thoughts on how blockchain is being used today and the most exciting applications coming in the future. Download it free at
  6. Social SEND: We’re glad to announce that COLX has been added to Social SEND platform, along with an in-built exchange.
    Now you can send COLX over social networks via
  7. StakeCube: We are excited to announce that $COLX has been added to — Automated & community driven proof of stake pool, masternode service. Exchange listing will follow shortly.
  8. MonitorNode: COLX has been added to — Monitor & host all your masternodes in a portfolio, get your balance, statutes & rewards alerts on MonitorNode
  9. StakeSafe: $COLX is now supported and StakingUnits can be bought on StakeSafe Online Crypto Tech Store!
  10. ColossusXT & SWFT Blockchain Trading Competition Finalized (July 25, 2019 — August 8, 2019);
    Event details:
  11. Monthly Report for July 2019:

ColossusXT LLC is a registered business in Wyoming, USA.












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ColossusXT (ticker: COLX) is a community-orientated, energy efficient coin with a strong focus on decentralization, privacy, and real-world implementation.

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