Recent Announcements — September 2019 Monthly Update

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  1. Congrats to block 1,000,000 contest winners, emails sent for claiming rewards. See winners here:
  2. Crex24 Exchange Listing: We’re glad to announce ColossusXT has been listed on Crex24 Exchange. We would like to take the opportunity to thank to the community for making this happen.
    You can support $COLX by using this Link to register on Crex24 exchange; 👉 💚
  3. Birake Exchange Network: We’re happy to announce COLX has been listed on the Birake Exchange Network and White Label Exchanges.
    As we celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we’d like to thank to the COLX community for the continued support.
  4. Midas Platform: COLX has been listed on the Midas platform and InstantBuy, and will be listed to the upcoming Midas exchange and AutoSell.
  5. Snode: We are glad to announce that ColossusXT has been added to Snode eco system provides cloud based shared & dedicated masternodes.
  6. Armis I2P Video is prepared and ready, will be timed prior to launch
  7. Armis I2P Beta is working fine network wise. Mainnet transition architecture is now in discussion. There will be another beta release where some small bugs will also be addressed together with the new architecture, the launch date will be based on progress on the next beta release.
  8. Monthly Report for August 2019:

ColossusXT LLC is a registered business in Wyoming, USA.











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ColossusXT (ticker: COLX) is a community oriented digital privacy coin focusing on cloud computing & decentralization. Web:

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