Departure and Arrival

If you are wondering who I am, what this is all about, and why I’m writing this, then check out my previous post: “My New Journal

So after a farewell party in my hometown, Bodø, with most of my old friends and family, it was time for what I thought would be the hardest part; actually saying goodbye to my mother and getting on the plane. People who know me is aware that she raised me by herself, and that we are pretty close. I haven’t lived in my hometown since I was 19, but this time we wouldn’t see eachother for over a year. I was sort of expecting a few tears to be shed, but I just didn’t feel like it when we finally were at the security gate. Even my mother didn’t turn on the taps like she had when I left for college. So we said goodbye, and off I went… Maybe I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be seing my home town and the people in it for over a year, or maybe the excitement of finally going to Australia pushed aside any sadness. One thing was certain; saying goodbye was easier than i thought it would be.

A little side note regarding “finally going to Australia”; My uncle, Hans, on my father’s side moved to Australia ages ago and established a family there. So I’ve always had an open invitation. But there’s just always been an excuse for not going…

Meeting up with my girlfriend, whose name is Ida by the way, in Oslo and making my way to my friend and x-colleague, Simen, was the next step. The last couple of years me and Ida have lived and worked near Oslo, so it only seemed natural to spend a few days there to say farewell to old and new friends. We had a farewell party with most of the people we know in the region on the first night, and on the second night we had a dinner with my older brother who basically did the same thing we were about to do, only 20 or so years earlier (you old fart).

The next morning, on the 18th of August 2016, we got up bloody early to catch our flight to London. Our route was Oslo > London > Hongkong > Brisbane, which in total was scheduled to take about 33 hours. Both of us are quite seasoned travellers, but none of us had done such long flights before. Also the amount of stops along the way was new to us. So it is safe to say that we were a little nervous. Especially in regards to our luggage. But, disapointingly(?), it all went swimmingly; We checked in. Got on and off several airplanes of various size in said locations, on which we slept badly, watched movies, and ate and drank just the right amount of food and beer. Next we retrieved our luggage in Brisbane. And finally passed border security and customs before meeting up with my cousin, Markus. I mean, even the dreaded border security and customs officers was just awefully nice! The only bad thing that happened was that they took away our Scandinavian Christmas liquor, aquavit, before bording our plane to Brisbane! Oh well. We were finally in Australia! But it didn’t feel that special, to be honest… But more on that later.

I know that I said the next entry would be titled something along the lines of “Departure, Arrival, and Brisbane”, but I think I’ll rather keep these entries short and sweet. It makes it easier for me to find the time write them, and for you to find the time to read them. The Medium app tells me that 28 people read my previous post, so appearantly there are some of you! Thank you!

Also a big thank you to friends and family who keeps an eye on us. We’ll keep posting images and such whenever the WiFi gods are on our side.

And lastly; Ida has been writing an actual blog about our travels (in Norwegian) since we started, and the link can be found here.

Next entry: “Brisbane” or something other witty. Stay tuned (or not)!