The Land of the Brown Snake — Part 2

So, week one of our journey was well and done for. This meant leaving Markus’ house, and moving in with Rachael (Rach) and Peatrice (P). I had talked with Rach before, but this time would be the first time meeting her and her partner. So we were actually pretty excited. It’s not every day that you get meet family members for the first time!

She picked us up at Markus’ place after work. After exchanging pleasantries, we went off to the bottle-o! We were supposed to meet Markus later on for drinks and dinner, so we thought we could have a few before going out. As one do!

I remember wondering how people could possibly find their way around such a big city. We drove for about half an hour, never leaving the suburbs, but Rach seemed to know where we were going. Even avoiding the toll roads… Amazing.

Upon arrival at their house, we got to meet the amazing P, and the quite adorable Boo. Boo is their dog. Westie breed, and quite the charmer! We immidietly felt very welcome, even though we were practically strangers. After getting settled in a bit, we all got to know eachother a bit more over some whiskey, beer, cheese, and crackers! Something we would have plenty of duing our stay here, heh. Then we hit the town for some local brew and mexican quisine.

One thing we didn’t expect in Australia, especially so far north, was for the winter/autumn months to be so cold during the night! Most Australian houses aren’t insulated for shit, and therefore the indoor temperature quickly equals the temperature outside. Some nights were pretty damn cold, and in the morning you just had to layer on more clothing, get a hot cuppa, and wait for the sun to do it’s thing.

The next week we spent doing quite a lot things. The big thing was probably Australia Zoo; where Ida felt right at home, I got my first sunburn, and P danced the chicken dance in front of a big audience! By doing so, she won us a gift card for a picture with an animal of choice. Buuut we forgot to use it before the stall closed. Still feel kinda bad for that... Oh well, it was quite hillarious to watch P do the chicken dance though! I even got it on camera, yay!

Other than that we also did a river cruise on The Snake, and went to the park for an evening barbie. And like at Markus’ place, we took our time to relax and do nothing but watch TV/Netflix with some nice food and drink.

All in all we had an amazing time with Rach, P, and Boo! Rach and P are such a lovely couple! Even after years of being together they still seem very much in love. They always seem to find a way to show that for one another during their daily lives. And Boo, such a silly fella… Always chasing something, and always very excited to see you in the morning when you get up. Thank you all for making us feel so welcome!

From here on, our original plan was to start backpacking as soon as our weekish was up. But this changed a bit, when Markus told us that he would be hosting his first exhibition roughly a week later. Also Audrey (my aunt, his mother) would be coming on a surprise visit to attend. So we decided on going backpacking for a few days down south on the Gold Coast. Then catch a bus back up to attend Markus’ exhibiton and catch up with Audrey. I haven’t seen her since she and my uncle visited Bodø when I was 13!

So the next entry will be about our short trip to the Gold Coast. Our first taste of “proper” backpacking!

More pictures can be seen in my Google Photos album. Try to keep the uploading to Medium to a minimum because of data usage etc.