Hi everyone. This is my first post and I guess I’ll be making a few mistakes for I’m new to this app/place/newsstand?

I was offered to choose a “few” topics and there happened to be “gender” and “transgender”.

As a matter of facts I am a person interested and moved by personalities and identities of today teenagers and young adults. The way sexuality has redefined our behaviors and questions is essential to me. I’m 32. I was raised in a very open minded family where friends were artists and boys were in love with boys or girls and girls were in love with girls or boys.

It was later that I was forced to discover that to some people it was a problem or at least, their parents were teaching them to hate different people. And by saying different I find it wrong. You’re as different as anybody when you love anyone you want. It’s not being different different to love the same sex.

I starting to take pictures of people when I was 21. My unconscious drove me to people who had faces that couldn’t be defined by regular heterosexual words, for these words were sadly dominant.

Today it is a strong part of my work as a photographer. I chose to show a few portraits of nameless faces that people won’t be able to sexualize. Most people need to give a gender to whom they see so they can reassure their being and believes.

Please feel free to comment. In case your in Paris between 10 and 15 of November they will be shown at the Grand Palais. Let me know

Leonard bourgois beaulieu