Why “Heritage Not Hate” Is Such a Load of Crap

“It’s a piece of our history!”

So? So what? Why does that make it okay? Nazism is a piece of Germany’s history, but does that mean that they should be memorializing that part of their history with flags and statues? Hell no it doesn’t!

The difference here is that Germany recognizes that the Nazi Party was oppressive to a significant portion of their population. They realize that the flag represents an entity that openly embraced the oppression and exploitation of a portion of its people, much like the Confederate States of America did. And Germany burned those flags, banned that party, and toppled those statues.

I don’t know if the Civil War was fought over slavery. I don’t know if it was fought over states’ rights. But I DO know that the Confederate States of America openly promoted slavery and the oppression of people of color, and that regardless of the war’s main focus, slavery was a major factor in the South’s determination to win.

So when you say “There’s no racism in America” and then turn right around and say “It’s a piece of our history”, maybe consider that this flag represents something different to other people. Recognize that the people who created this flag enslaved the ancestors of your African-American neighbors and fellow citizens. The flag itself may not be racist, but the movement behind its creation most certainly was.

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