An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

This is absurd. If this is how the average Millenial thinks then the human race is truly in trouble. You DESERVE nothing, you have worked for NOTHING.

What did you think your “English” degree would get you, a 6-figure income the second you stepped off the graduation podium? You think that making MEME’s while drinking flavored coconut water is a good use of your brain and your “degree”? Wow, what a contribution to society that would be!

Thank god you got fired you entitled pile of garbage. If I were the CEO not only would I fire you, but I would be seeking legal remedy for contract breach (all of the Silicon Valley tech companies have defamation clauses). I would bury you in debt for life.

Your sob story of not having enough money to eat is self-imposed. You are an idiot. 100 to 1 odds that you somehow had plenty of money to shove Molly down your throat at Cochella, guzzle loin-numbing amounts of alcohol at Bay to Breakers, and shove anything you can get your hands on up your nose at Santa Con.

What message are you sending by posting your various digital currency handles? That you “deserve” to live in your own apartment in the Bay Area because you have an English degree and you can’t afford it?

Go back to your hole that you came from. It is people like you that are polluting our great state of California.

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