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There was once a beautiful girl named Caroline who had glimmering golden hair and deep blue eyes. Caroline took a lot of pride in her hair and reputation as the finest maiden in the land. She lived with her father on a grand estate. She was soon approaching the age of marriage and her father held a special event to find a proper suitor for Caroline. He invited every man from the land to his estate to woe Caroline and she would decide who to marry. One at a time Caroline had to search through the men. She told her father she would not settle until she had found a man she could read and understand well enough to marry.

Caroline met the first suitor, a very tall man, but she did not choose him because he went on and on in long continuous ramblings of information, never letting Caroline change the subject. The second suitor, a short and spastic man, was not chosen either for he constantly encouraged jumping from one topic to the next, speaking very little about any one thing. The third suitor was a photographer. Caroline did not pick him because he only showed her image after image of places he’d been with nothing to say about any of it. The fourth suitor spoke to Caroline of every place he had visited with extensive detail but not too much. He had no images to bring and was thus seen as a colorless person to Caroline and she did not choose him either.

The sixth suitor came with many images for Caroline to look at. He had many interesting things to say about each place he had visited. He was a hansom-average height man witch suited him well. Caroline was in love. When she visited with him she was easily able to read him because he was concise and littered with information that he presented to Caroline in a way that she could understand.

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