Who & What is BASIC … ?

Colton Pinner is eighteen living in Vero Beach, who just happens to love technology. Colton (Cole) happens to also be a entrepreneur and a startup. Cole’s story begins when he was thirteen his parents got him a iPhone 3Gs, Cole claims this to be his spark in interest towards technology. “I was consumed by the amount of information you had at your fingertips.” Cole explains. Cole claims that the thing that inspired him the most was a quote by Steve Jobs “Things don’t have to change the world to be important.” ; Cole has a deep obsession with simplicity. Most likely he thinks like this because of a drafting and design class he took in high school. “Drafting showed me how to organize my design.” Cole explained. You might question, “What does a kid in high school know about running a business?” Not a damn thing. This is what makes BASIC different form your Tech companies you hear about today. BASIC does not have a focus on a form of technology, it is just focused on making badass technology.


Cole lives a lifestyle that consist of Technology, Jeeps, collecting watches & making funny snapchat stories about random things. Why is his company named BASIC and why does it look like a clothing company. Cole has a very basic approach to life as he claims “If your not living life doing what makes you happy then what is the point of living.”; By the way, this is Cole.

Quick info

  • Born, March 17, 1997
  • Hometown, Vero Beach, FL
  • Interests in life, Technology, Car’s, Watches, Traveling
  • known for, BASIC Holdings & The internet of things.

Social Networks

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  3. VSCO
  4. Snapchat, colepinner

How I started up BASIC


Starting up your own company is like saying your going to run a marathon. Dedication is everything, thats why you do what you love. Training to run a marathon is like laying down the rules that your company has to follow. Building your product you are planing to sell is like running the distance and being discipline enough to finish your task is like eating the right diet for your training. When you release your product it is like the starting of your first marathon all the experience you gained from your training is put to the test.


Do not let anyone tell you it is easy. I wake up at 5:30 am and go to bed at 10:30 pm, do not waste time on sleep. Always think years ahead, because by the time your idea hits the main stream it will be years from when it was an idea. Never say its the best, always improve your ideas. Stay away from the media.