People Watching

I hate looking up. Not in a figurative sense, as in looking up to people for inspiration, but in a physical sense of looking up at anything taller than me. My natural inclination is to look down, both with my head tilted down, and my eyes drifting down. Some people think it’s a shyness thing or an unwillingness to make eye contact, but really it helps me think and ponder. So when it came to an assignment about looking at the clouds, I opted for an alternative that required less physical effort. I chose to people watch instead. It may not be a “part of nature” but it’s another task that really has no benefit and allows my mind to wander. And it’s not entirely new to me. Sometime when I’m stressed, lacking in creativity, or even just bored, I’ll sit on a bench in public and just watch people walk by. I promise, it’s not as creepy as it sounds. I never stare and I make all effort to not make people feel uncomfortable. I do it because it just lets me casually wonder without ever investing too much focus onto one thing. You can watch someone across the street walk with a package in their hands and wonder casually whats in it, why are they carrying it? And before you know it, they’re out of sight and out of mind and you can let your eyes drift until they land on the next person to catch your attention. While someone who might stare at clouds might try and discern shapes in the cloud, I enjoy trying to figure out/create a passerby’s story. It isn’t necessarily even remarkable or interesting, but it’s theirs. It lasts briefly, from 5 seconds to a minute, and then it’s gone from my mind forever.

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