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— China’s Cultural Landscape by Mid-century

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In recent years, concurrent with China’s wide-ranging developments and alongside its rapid urbanization, the growth of Chinese Arts and Culture has been brought to public attention — the Chinese Art industry is entering into a new era of prosperity. What new forms of art are sprouting up from the vast and unique soil of China? How are they going to be both fostered and challenged by this new era?

The “China Art International Development Forum”, presented by Columbia Art Business Association, aims to initiate an academic conversation addressing the “New Modes”, “New Territories” and “New Context” of Chinese contemporary art. By bringing together leading figures from China’s art industry, including scholars, curators, collectors, and artists both from within and outside of China, the forum presents their insights on future cultural landscapes and the expanding definition of Chinese Art.

New Modes: Institutional Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Administration

Over the past few years, the number of private museums in China has experienced an unprecedented growth rate. The ambitious museum expansion inevitably stimulates an escalation in competition, which calls for a reflection on the long-term sustainability and operation modes of these museums. As institutions that assume the responsibilities of public education, how should these museums consolidate their academic standings? What does it really mean to perform public service? At the same time, as non-profit institutions, how should they manage their balances to be self-sustainable in the long run? China, in some ways, is becoming a testing field, reinventing the museum form itself, as more and more museums turn to experimental interdisciplinary programs as a means to prevail. Furthermore, institutions at different stages of developments would encounter various challenges. How should they make their transition to the new era through active collaboration and effective conversation?

New Territories: Reconstruction of Art Space under Urbanization

Rapid urbanization is changing both the city landscape and infrastructure in China, necessitating a redefinition of the relationship between man and nature. Concerns such as high population density, inadequate infrastructure, lack of affordable housing, unemployment and pollution arise concurrently with extensive urbanization, and are reflected through the works of many contemporary Chinese artists. Under these circumstances, artists, curators, designers, urban planners, environmentalists, and architects all attempt to provide creative solutions through synthesizing their diverse professional knowledge, ranging from alternative space construction, folk art revival, culture and creative industries, and technological innovations. “Arts and Culture” becomes the major impetus in propelling this wave of new initiatives and in influencing our ordinary lives.

New Context: Practicality of the Academic Orientation

It was not until the year 2000 that the art institutions in China started to establish their own colleges of humanities. There also seems to be a growing number of Chinese international students studying arts and culture abroad, resulting in an increasing number of art professionals among the younger generation. Yet these young professionals, upon landing on the new soils of Chinese art industry, find themselves challenged by the academic atmosphere, critique system, media environment, and the artistic literacy of the general public. As the museum boom has created more demand for professionals with corresponding backgrounds, it is essential to discuss whether the existing education system prepares them with sufficient knowledge and the proper skills to take on the social responsibility and to promote the development of China’s art industry.


— 瞻望世纪中叶的中国文化图景

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急剧的城市化导致中国的城市格局和运作方式日新月异,人与环境的关系也随之被不断改写。人口超载、贫富悬殊、城乡差距、环境污染等问题接踵而来,成为许多艺术家十分关切的创作主题。在此背景下,策展人、艺术家、设计师、城市规划者、环境保护者与建筑师等尝试将自身背景与社会资源结合,大胆探索解决问题的多元路径 — — 替代空间、民艺复兴、文创产业、科技链接……艺术与文化成为这股浪潮中主要的助推力与孵化器,真正影响着公众的日常生活与思考方式。



Event Details:

Event Date: 04/07/2018

Event Location: Faculty House, Columbia University in the City of New York

Forum Structure: three 90 minutes panels

Organizer: Columbia Art Business Association

Collaborating Organization: Museum 2050


Official Supporting Organizations:

  • Columbia University Department of Art History and Archaeology
  • Columbia University Weatherhead East Asian Institute
  • Barnard College Art History Department


Please send e-mail to columbiaartbusiness@gmail.com



地点:哥伦比亚大学 Faculty House



美术馆2050 (Museum 2050)










Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/columbia-china-art-international-development-forum-tickets-44163479155

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/columbiaartbusiness/


10:15–11:00 开幕 & 嘉宾致辞

11:00–12:30 第一场讨论:新模式

12:30–14:00 午休 & 纪录片放映

14:00–15:30 第二场讨论:新疆土

16:00–17:30 第三场讨论:新语境

17:30–18:30 交流互动 & 闭幕

Event Schedule

10:15–11:00 Opening & Keynote

11:00–12:30 First Panel: New Modes

12:30–14:00 Lunch Break & Documentary Screening

14:00–15:30 Second Panel: New Territories

16:00–17:30 Third Panel: New Context

17:30–18:30 Networking Session & Closing

部分对谈嘉宾 Panelists (Part)

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李杰 Jie Li— 成都A4美术馆策展人 Curator of Chengdu A4 Museum

Herb Tam — 美国华人博物馆MoCA主策展人 Chief Curator of MoCA

陆寻 Xun Lu — 四方美术馆馆长 Director of Sifang Art Museum

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徐益英 Inna Xu 清影艺术空间负责人 Director of Inna Art Space

李牧 Mu Li — 仇庄计划创始人 Founder of Qiu Village Project

渠岩 Yan Qu 艺术家 Artist

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陈驰 Chi Chen — 独立策展人 & 逆向创始人 Independent Curator

高鹏 Peng Gao — 今日美术馆馆长 Director of Beijing Today Art Museum

徐益英 Inna Xu 清影艺术空间负责人 Director of Inna Art Space

主持嘉宾 Moderators

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何雨 Echo He — 佩斯画廊研究和档案部 否画廊创始人 Digital Archive Associate of Pace Gallery & Founder of Fou Gallery

王辛 Xin Wang — 独立策展人& IFA在读博士 Independent Curator & PhD Candidate of IFA

John Rajchman 哥伦比亚大学艺术史教授 Columbia Art History Professor

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