The red ribbon, designed by the the Visual AIDS Artist Caucus in 1991, is a copyright free symbol for raising awareness of the ongoing spread of HIV. It was created to show compassion for people living with AIDS and remains a powerful image in the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan, home to a strong Dominican American community since the 1960s. Photo by Jessy Diamba
Residents of East Harlem line up and wait for the M15 bus. Photo by Jasmine Hyman
A map published by the New York City health department indicates the area to be sprayed for mosquitos in September.

Columbia students on strike on the front steps last March. Photo courtesy of Student Workers of Columbia.

Pastor Gil Monrose facilitates a shooting response in Brooklyn’s 67th Precinct to denormalize gun violence. Photo by Amnon Gutman, and provided by the GodSquad. Additional photos from the GodSquad viewable here.
The 9/11 Tiles for America memorial in Greenwich Village’s Mulry Square. Photo by Kasia O’Brien.

Community members gather to hear to concerned citizens and community members speak to protestors. Photo by Lucy Keller

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