The start of the New Year is always a great time to pause and look for career advice. Career advice is relevant for any age and any stage of your career. Adapting your skills, career goals, network, and industry knowledge is more important as you age in the workforce.

As the New Year starts, take some time to focus internally and externally how you can make the best career moves and actions for a great year.

1. Be Aware of Your Interpersonal & Generational Communication Style. Our experience, profession, industry, and education shape our interpersonal and leadership style in the…

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There are a lot of big decisions in life: marriage, finances, buying a house, and many, many others. Right up there is the decision to join the military. Today, with so many career options for young people, it can be a difficult choice to decide to join the military.

Follow this advice to give guidance, support, and understanding to help others decide if a military career is right for them.

  1. Listen to a young person’s goals in their words. Before even starting to describe the benefits of military…

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Deciding to change jobs is hard. Deciding to switch industries is harder. If your current industry is experiencing change or you are open to trying something very new or you are open to learning a new set of skills, then switching industries may be for you. Follow these steps to understand your willingness to switch industries.

A. Assess — What Does My Current Future Look Like? Assessing your current industry is often the best way to start when deciding if you should or should not make an industry switch…

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Leaving the military and transitioning from the military is difficult. Love the military, hate the military, or somewhere in between, our time in the military, 2 years or 40 years, was, and remains, a life changing experience. The transition from the military will be a shock but following these tips will help make transition easier.

Have 60 Days Leave When You Depart the Military. It is hard to save up 60 days of leave when you depart the military, but it can be done. 60 days of leave…

We can all tell people, sometimes for hours, what we learned from our military service, how it helped us succeed, our funniest memories, and our saddest memories. But, if we had to narrow all of that down to one single item, what would we tell others about our military service? My lesson would be to always keep contributing.

Contribution is the proactive act of seeking out items to be improved and then performing them to a level that makes a difference with others and within the organization. This sounds simple and it is. However, the evaluating measure of contribution is…

10 Reasons (You Don’t Know) To Hire a Military Veteran

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The phrase “Hire a veteran” has been a staple of the US economy for decades. Business leaders already realize that military veterans are hard workers, team players, ethical, driven, and technically skilled. What they DON’T realize there are 10 hidden reasons that make every veteran a great employee and future business leader.

  1. The Ability to Work 24–7–365 With Great Results. The world of logistics, retail, food service, hospitality, manufacturing, and finance are now 24–7–365. Military veterans inherently understand the importance of working to high standards with a dual…

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Military reconnaissance. Drones flying through darkened skies, submarines deep underwater using complex sensors to record conversations, and satellites overhead snapping crystal clear digital pictures are all mental images that I have when thinking about military reconnaissance. Military reconnaissance seeks to understand where the enemy is, is not, what their capabilities and intentions are, and what they are expected to do over the next hour to next decade. The purpose of military reconnaissance has not changed for thousands of years and probably will never change. …

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Businesses, governments, and people interact and build relationships that empower, inspire, strengthen and sustain. The vast majority of our daily interactions with people, social media, businesses, government, and other organizations are characterized by short, immediate, and seemingly inconsequential interactions. Conversations with teachers, repair people, grocery clerks, store attendants, and responses on social media are all important, but usually singular, daily interactions. The vast majority of people either disregard or do not understand the importance of these singular interactions.

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The military to civilian transition is a big step. Transition from your military career to your civilian career is a step everyone in the military takes and it is difficult for everyone. The difficulty resides in leaving a familiar culture, group of people, and an organization with defined interactions, skill sets, and missions for a wide-open list of possibilities in business, government, and education. To prepare to succeed in transition follow these six steps to have a successful transition from the military.

  1. Purpose. Finding and creating a new sense of purpose is the number…

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Joining a new team and a new organization is always difficult, but it is something everyone does multiple times in their life. New address, new school, new college, new job, new promotion, and the list goes on. Anytime you join a new organization is a good time to look at the environment around you and prepare to make the best of a new experience.

Here are five tips to help you successfully come into a new organization:

Talk Less and Look More Around the New Organization. Most organization have a vast…

Chad Storlie

Author of Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: 20 Lessons to Advance Your Civilian Career. Teaching vets & leaders why military skills matter to success.

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