Hello World.

Hey there World!

We are Com.unity, we work to build a richer, more connected world. The Com.unity platform connects physical human ecosystems and digital social networks to reward meaningful interactions within communities.

We build robust local networks, offer world-class support and promotion to our business clients, and market a beautiful, user-friendly app experience. The Com.unity iOS and Android app will be closed beta testing in select regions of Michigan late fourth quarter 2015.

The purpose of this Medium blog is to expound on core concepts of our platform. As our team moves forward in development and implementation, we want to be as transparent and open to feedback as possible. We are also excited to share our vision of local growth and engagement and the values that drive us. Follow us on Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Instagram, and check out our website to keep updated; we would love to connect with you!


The Com.unity Team

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