Myspace was not your first.

What social network do you interact with most throughout your day? Maybe you are a Facebook news mogul or an adept artist with those Instagram filters. However, either of these websites is not the answer; the social network you interact with most is bigger, much bigger, and also much older. It’s the physical network of people around you: your family, your friend group, your co-workers, and your city.

At Com.unity we want to change the way people think about the interactions and relationships they share with other people and organizations. We want to integrate those interactions and relationships on both digital and physical platforms to create a better Com.unity.

What Does Com.unity Do For You?

In the most basic terms we are a rewards company. However, instead of offering rewards to large corporations like other rewards companies, we give the same opportunity to local businesses. Our app rewards citizens for interacting with the local businesses located near where they live and work.

You Don’t Have To Buy Things To Get Points

That’s an interesting concept for a rewards company. Our system rewards you with karma points for being a good citizen in your local community. Going to city events, parks, fairs, and even the local businesses themselves grants you points you can use at the local businesses. Doing something as simple as taking your kids to the park or going to your local Farmers’ Market can help you get more points. In addition to keeping your money local (48% of money spent at a local business stays in the area, as opposed to just 14% at a chain store - source), shopping local creates increased collaboration and stronger communities. And that means a richer, more connected world for everyone.

Welcome to the Future.

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