Cybercrime Victim ? Don’t be Zombie, Fight back

Computer crime, or cybercrime, is any crime that involves a computer and a network. The Computer may have been used in the commission of a crime, or it may be the target. Net crime is criminal exploitation of the Internet, inherently a cybercrime.

Cybercrime can happen to anyone who is member of a social networking website or even who is doing online transaction to carry on business or an email id and most important when you have hidden enemy.

The impact of victimization may be such that you will just hide yourself from the world, will become difficult to trust anyone, you might hide from the real world, run from one police station to another making them understand your story. One question will trigger your mind always — Why does it happen ? Why me ? Who is my hidden enemy ?

Its difficult to feel the pain unless you become a victim.

I know, tackling physical injury or disease is a tough job. But healing from cyber attack is not an easy task. The pain one goes through remains for long, sometimes for life. You might end up becoming a Zombie.

Victimization of women is old practice, today the forms of harassment have changed.

Though crime against women is on a rise in all fields being a victim of cybercrime could be most traumatic experience for a woman. Especially in India where the society looks down upon the women, and the law doesn’t even properly recognize cybercrimes.

Indian women are still not open to immediately report the cyber abuse or cyber crime. The biggest problem of cyber crime lies in its operation and motive of cyber criminal. No one lives in cyber space, Cyber space is a transit space for people. As people don’t live in cyberspace, they come and go like any other place. This nature provides the offenders the chance to escape after commission of cybercrime. Its easy to find tips for safety of women on net, still cybercrime against women are on rise.

Committing crimes online gives your enemy the cover of the internet to hide their identity and whereabout. It allows them to target you directly through emails or virus, your fake profiles, hacking into your devices.

Your enemy becomes powerful and invisible attacker, and you become powerless to defend yourself, even if you’re computer literate. We get embarrassed about this kind of crime, but you’re a victim you don’t have to be shy away or feel ashamed for.

Many may not know the exact implications and usages of the cyber law to Internet crimes targeting individuals. Women especially feel “left nowhere” when they become victims of cyberstalking or harassment.

Your enemy wants to destroy you, convert your into Zombie. Choice is in your hands make your hidden enemy happy by converting your self into Zombie or fight back defending your enemy.

I am here to hear your problems and provide voice to your story.

Share your story, I will become your ‪voice‬,‪ support‬ system.

Because it’s only when one talks, people listen

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